Tips For Removing Stains From Vehicle Fabrics

So you bought your new INFINITI and you want to keep looking like new, well we have some great Tips For Removing Stains From Vehicle Fabrics.

Vehicle Fabrics and Interior

In general, a vehicle's interior that will show the most dirt, grease and grime are going to be the carpets, floor mats, cup holders and seats.

While you may feel clean, every time you go for a drive, you will be bringing in all sorts of dirty particles which over time will add up to a lot of dirt and in some cases may cause a stain.

In the summer months sweat and perspiration will compound things adding up to even more mess.  In the winter salt and sand get tracked in and will litter your floors.  Forget about it if travel with your dog or have young children, they are complete dirt monsters.

Given all the above, over time your seats, carpet and floor mats can become dingy and grubby.

Tips For Removing Stains From Vehicle Fabrics 2019-infiniti-q50-

When purchasing a vehicle, you usually have an option of choosing various interior upholstery including

  • Leather - Super easy to clean and long lasting, but often is the most expensive option.  Leather upkeep usually requires both cleaning and conditioning with leather specific cleaners/conditioners.
  • Vinyl - Like leather Vinyl seats are easy to clean and can be cleaned using most common cleaning supplies.  The downside to vinyl is it does tend to heat up during the summer months, making for a very hot seat.
  • Fabric - Unlike leather and Vinyl removing stains from fabric is a bit more complicated.  You can't simply wipe down fabric like you can leather or vinyl.  You will need to pick up a good and reliable upholstery cleaner.  While fabric seats are easy to vacuum, they will require scrubbing with an upholstery cleaner to remove stains.

Given the option, choosing leather is going to be your best.  While Vinyl is the easiest to clean, it tends to be hot and sticky in the summer months, making it not ideal for those who live in hot weather locations.

For those who live in colder climates, fabric seats do have the advantage of not being as cold as leather when you first start driving.  They also are usually less expensive than their leather counterparts.

Tips For Removing Stains From Vehicle Fabrics

Here are some simple tips to remember when removing stains from your vehicle's fabrics

  • Don't Let Stains Remain:  The sooner you can clean a stain, the easier it will be to remove.
  • Don't Use A Lot Of Water:  While it may seem counter intuitive, when cleaning upholstery, if you do use water, don't use more water than is required.  The problem with using too much water is the water itself can become a problem.  Water and moisture is extremely bad for most vehicle fabrics and can damage the fabric allowing the stain to actually soak into the fabric.  Later the trapped moisture can create a musty smell.
  • Don't Over Scrub: When you first detect that their is a stain, especially if it is still wet, try to blot it with a paper towel or hand cloth to try and remove as much liquid as possible.  Too much scrubbing will just make the stain larger.
  • Use A Good Upholstery Cleaner: For best results use a good upholstery cleaner and read and following the instructions.
  • Use a Vacuum: Before tackling a stain, if the stain is dry, make sure to vacuum the area around the stain to pick up any other debris that surrounds it.



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