Winter Car Care Checklist: Make Sure Your INFINITI is Ready for Winter Weather

As winter weather approaches it is important to make sure your INFINITI is running properly for the snow and colder temperatures. No matter what you drive, follow this checklist to make sure your vehicle is ready for the winter so you can stay on the road and out of the snow!

Fill Your Tires

Colder weather during winter leads to a decrease in tire pressure, which can dangerously impact the way your vehicle drives. Low tire pressure can lead to: unwanted wear and tear on your tires, lower gas mileage, and less traction on the road. Tires lose about one pound per square inch (PSI) for every ten degree (Fahrenheit) decrease in outside temperature. This is why it is important to regularly check your tire pressure and make sure they are all properly inflated. Now is the perfect time to make sure your tires are in proper driving condition. Whether they just need some more air or they need to be replaced, our service department at INFINITI of Grand Rapids offers complimentary tire inspections, and our service advisers can answer any questions you have.

Protect Your Windshield

Nobody enjoys waking up early to scrape snow and ice off of their windshield every morning. Avoid the hassle by leaving windshield wipers extended overnight so they are not frozen to the windshield in the morning. Winter is also a great time to consider replacing your wiper blades. Save time and stay warm by using our Express Service to get your wiper blades and a free complimentary multi-point inspection with no appointment needed at INFINITI of Grand Rapids. Being able to see the road clearly is even more important when driving in winter weather when stopping distances increase on wet or snowy roads and visibility is restricted by snow, sleet, or rain. Make sure your wiper fluid is full so you can keep your windshield clear as you drive. It is also important to check your windshield for any small cracks or chips. Changes in temperature can quickly cause those chips to crack and spread, forcing you to replace your entire windshield in some cases.

Check Your Brakes

Snowy weather can make slowing down and stopping your vehicle unpredictable and unsafe. One way to ensure your vehicle will stop when put your foot on the brake is to know that your brakes are working properly. Most drivers replace their brakes about every 50,000 miles, but this can be much sooner depending on your driving habits. Here are some signs you might need to replace the brakes on your INFINITI:

  • Brake Warning Light
  • Squeaking, squealing, or grinding noise when you brake
  • Your vehicle pulls to one side as you slow down
  • It takes longer to stop than normal

Test your Battery

Cold weather causes your vehicle’s battery work harder to start your engine and keep it running. A vehicle’s battery is much more likely to die this time of the year when the temperatures are lower. To avoid the frustration of getting into a cold car that will not start look for the following signs that your battery might need replaced:

  • Slower starting engine
  • Dim headlights
  • Check engine light
  • Battery is close to 3 years old or older

Even if you have a new battery you should still test it regularly and keep a set of jumper cables in your vehicle in case of emergency. Our service department offers a free diagnostic test on your battery to give you a report on its current condition with no appointment needed.

Fuel Up

Most of us wait until the last second to fill up our cars when we are running low on fuel. This is especially true in the winter when we do not want to be pumping gas in freezing temperatures. However, keeping your tank at least half full can really save you in the long run. Maintaining more gas in your tank prevents the moisture from building from condensation. That moisture can freeze and prevent your car from starting. It is a good idea to keep gas in your tank in case you ever get stuck in the snow. This way you can keep your vehicle running so you can stay warm and keep the radio playing until help arrives.

For more information on servicing your vehicle to be ready for this winter check out our website. Or take a look at our new and used vehicle inventories to get out of your current vehicle and gain peace of mind that your new vehicle from INFINITI of Grand Rapids is prepared to take on the winter weather.

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