INFINITI Qx50 ProPILOT Assist: The Latest Driver Support and Connectivity Technology

The automotive industry is constantly advancing with new technology and safety features. Recent advancements range from all-electric to entirely self-driving vehicles. These new technologies are creating a shift away from the traditional driving experience. INFINITI's ProPILOT Assist technology has both embraced these advancements and preserved the things that we have always enjoyed about driving.  This technology provides drivers with support that will make driving safer and more enjoyable but maintains the driver's control over the vehicle. INFINITI's ProPILOT Assist feature is available on model year 2019 or newer INFINITI Qx50's. Check out this article below to learn more about the next step in driving technology and see why the INFINITI Qx50 could be the perfect vehicle for you!

ProPILOT Assist autonomous drive support and in-car connectivity - INFINITI Press Pack Library

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INFINITI Around View

Sensing Your Surroundings

To cover every angle, the system also comes equipped with corner sonar sensors, mounted to the front and rear bumpers. When they detect an object moving in your path, an audible alert sounds as a warning appears on-screen.

INFINITI Around View Monitor

A Heightened Vision

Observe better from above. Using four discreet cameras, the Around View Monitor gives you a virtual 360° bird’s eye view of your vehicle.  See it on your in-dash display and pull into your space with heightened finesse.

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